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Establish your online presence or develop your dream project with our expert web development team.

An ardent Web Design and Development company can help you highlight your company’s beliefs, objectives, and approach. Professional Web Design and Development firm can help build an ultra-responsive website to enhance your brand visibility, foster customer loyalty, improve sales and create a great first impression for new partners.

Potential customers visiting your website for the first time must find its worth. Therefore, your Web Design and Development process must keep in mind the key objectives of:

Extraordinary look and feel

94% of first impressions relate to your site’s web design

User friendly and engaging

89% of consumers shop with a competitor after a poor user experience.

Fast and flawless

83% of people expect a website to load in 3 seconds or less.

A website is central to all marketing, branding, and promotion initiatives. A website acts as the prime platform that disseminates information about your organization and precisely caters to the needs of your target audience. Therefore, integrating the right set of features and functions during the website development process is critical.

While building a new website for your business, one of the most strategic choices you make is between template-based website formats and a custom build format, created right from the scratch.
When you choose to work with a professional Web Design and Development company that prioritizes your business, selecting between these can be a breeze.

Template-based website development VS Custom website development

What to choose?

Template-based website development

The template-based website design and development process use a predesigned and pre-structured website template that can be bought or downloaded for a smaller fee. This is ideal to make simple websites with limited features.

The templates are ready-to-use, and the effort in web design and development is minimal. The developer’s effort required in template-based website development is either limited or none. WordPress is a well-known and widely used CMS (Content Management System) framework. We master WordPress web design offering quick and great-looking websites.

The websites built with pre-designed Web Design and Development templates are available at a lower price and save time for the company. The template-based web design is a perfect choice for companies working on strict timelines and restricted budgets.

However, at times templates, like WordPress web design tempates may not offer you exactly what you are looking for. Many times the templates come loaded with functions and features that may not suit your exact requirement but cannot be removed. The extra features could result in slower loading and complex navigation.

The templates many times do not offer compatibility with multiple devices. Regular updates are needed to be installed for ensuring uncompromised responsiveness to different devices.
A few templates for Web Design and Development are not SEO friendly and are more vulnerable to attacks by hackers. A single malicious code can bring down several templates together in one go. But, we at Rollout Technologies always make sure that your website is SEO friendly and not vulnerable to attacks by hackers.

More complex and custom features such as online booking portals are difficult to be integrated when you choose a template-based Web Design and Development, like WordPress web design.

Custom website development

A custom website is where a developer builds the website from the scratch going through all the stages of planning, wire-framing, content, and graphic designing, testing, and optimizing, keeping in mind the central objective of the company.

The Custom website development format takes a longer time to be ready since all the stages of development are involved, and typically costs more than the template-based websites.

However, the advantages offered with the Custom build Web Design and Development format is worth the investment. The look and feel of custom websites can be made unique and specific to the brand specifications of your company. Unlike a template-based format, the custom website format allows greater freedom of creativity and design.

Custom website development format supports search engine optimization that can help drive more traffic to the website. Complex features and functions can be easily integrated with Custom website development. A developer can select only need-based features thereby maintaining an appropriate speed of loading and navigation. Custom website development allows greater compatibility with multiple devices and better security.

Our web design and development process:

Our web design and development services are professionally designed to meet the specific requirement of our clients. We spend significant time and effort before the start of the engagement to understand the specific business requirements of our clients. We then craft a planning and implementation strategy to deliver a result that is appositely close to your requisites. Throughout the web design and development, we commit ourselves to preset timelines and budget controls to ensure that your expectations of the outcome are duly met.

We are a well-known Website Development Company in Canada and this is evident from the fact that most of our business thrives on repeat clients and client referrals. We are valued for our quality performance, dedication, and work ethic.
We follow a prompt and pragmatic process for web design and development. Working with our teams is easy and exciting as we ensure that our clients are with us on the same page as the website development progresses further with each stage.

We follow an ardent web design and development process to develop a compelling, user-friendly website to promote your business.

web design and development process

Taking a client brief:

This is the foremost step in which we will approach you with lots of questions. These questions will give us insights into what you need, why you need and what is the purpose of creating a website. Our web design and development team strives to understand the objective that you have in mind and your preferences for design, features, and functionality to be added to the website. We understand whether you want us to work on a website right from the scratch or maybe just make a few alterations to the existing platform. Our web design and development team makes a note of who you want to target with the website and what kind of result you want to achieve through this. Every bit of information is important at this stage and that is why we try to extract as much information as possible. This helps us to own and deliver a project exactly the way you have imagined.


Our web design and development research teams get into action as soon as a comprehensive brief is received. Our website making expert researchers dig deep to get more information about your company’s existing social media profile, website if already in place, target audience, their basic demography and preferences, market trends and competition, design guidelines, and much more. This helps us to develop a more holistic approach to website development. We will integrate this intelligence with the experience of working with varied industries to target an outcome that is extremely engaging and appealing to website visitors.

Building a wireframe:

A wireframe is an important part of website making. After collating all the vital information from the client brief and research, we prepare a wireframe that details out how many pages are to be created, which sections to be added, and what will be the design requirement. It helps in understanding and following a set structure to avoid errors, delays, and missing out on anything imperative.

Designing and Developing:


The technical and design team brainstorm together to give an outline to the whole idea and bring it on paper in a more formal way. Here you will be able to concisely look and feel how your website is going to appear to the audience. All important features and functions are added at this stage. A layout of the design in sync with the preferred color scheme, graphic representation, and visuals can be seen here.


This is the stage where our we design and development team transforms the design into an actual web-solution. The technical Web design and development team begins work on coding, language, and platform selection, based on your specific requirements. We work on the latest technology platforms that are easily adaptive and user-friendly for website visitors. All our web designs are SEO friendly that help you drive traffic to your website. Our team of ardent technical and other writers brings together all the content. They collaborate with the design team to integrate visuals and design elements into it. The design team works tirelessly to make the website visually appealing. With the contribution from each team a user-centric, unique, attractive website design will be made ready for you and your customers.


When the website is up and ready for launch it becomes vital to ensure that it is free of technical glitches and bugs. Our web design and development team of technical experts tests the website on multiple platforms and devices to make sure that it is efficiently responsive. A slow or errored website will reflect adversely on your brand image. A website is the first go-to platform for any customer seeking information about a particular company, product, or service. Our web design and development team builds an efficiently working website that fosters trust and loyalty.


The prime step in the whole process of web design and development is the launch of the website. When the website is ready to go live, our website making team helps you through each moment of this stage. A successful launch of the website is a payoff to our endearing efforts and your firm belief in our competence.

Post-launch maintenance and support: The maintenance of the website is extremely important and we are happy to lend that support to you. Our web design and development team keeps a track of bugs that may be appearing on the website and make all efforts to keep them at bay. We suggest and make necessary updates required in the software, design, or platform to ensure that website can maintain fast speed and user-friendliness.

We as a leading website design and development company are confident that our services will add value to your business. Our website solutions promise to assist you in business promotion, enhance your brand visibility and augment customer loyalty.

Why choose us?

We are a renowned Website Design Company in Canada since 2019. Our commitment, conviction, and credibility make us one of the most top-listed Website Design Companies in Canada. Our clients appreciate us for the quality of work we deliver and proudly refer us to their partners looking for website development services.

A team of dedicated professionals:

Web design and development, for us is not just a process, it is our passion. We have the most creative, technically sound, and devoted website development specialists in our team. They bring along vast experience in the field of website development from across varied industries. Our Web Design and Development team shares the expertise of working with multiple clients, identifying their requirements, and suggesting the best Web Design and Development solutions. They keep a close track of the latest developments and are open to learn and unlearn to seamlessly synchronize with the current trends in the field of Web Design and Development. With this, they can provide useful and new insights to our clients which help them to stay ahead in the competitive market.

Excellent service quality:

Client satisfaction is one principle we abide by. We follow standardized processes to deliver a project as per the timelines and expectations laid down by our clients. We strictly adhere to delivery deadlines, budget control measures, and quality assurance specifications while developing a Web Design and Development solution. Our teams work tirelessly to bring out a website that is user-centric, responsive, and attractive. We keep our clients in a close loop across all the stages of website development and design to ensure no discrepancies are formed and the outcome is well-received and appreciated by the client.

Technical and creative prowess:

We strongly believe in thinking out of the box when it comes to applying our technical and creative skills. Our Web Design and Development teams are well-versed with the latest technologies prevailing in the market for website making and design. We encourage the use of imagination, discovery, and creativity to let our technical experts come out with solutions that are unique, innovative, and outstanding. We keep away from working on the mundane website development solutions and therefore all our project deliverables are distinguished from the competition.

Unmatched support and maintenance:

We assist you at every step of website development and launch and even post that. We extend unwavering support for the overall maintenance of your website. We monitor the development of bugs and faults and provide necessary corrective solutions. We also help you in promoting and utilizing your website as an effective marketing and communication tool. Our Web Design and Development team leverages the latest technologies to optimize your website for SEO and drive more visitor traffic.

Website development is an important decision for any company as it strongly reflects on its brand image and goodwill. We value your relationship more than anything and endeavor to surpass all expectations with our work.


Honest, fair pricing for Web Design and Development:

Our website designs are contemporary, engaging, and user-friendly. Briefly tell us about the

  1. Objective of your website
  2. Desired format
  3. Budget
  4. Timelines

We offer a complete Web Design and Development to your specific requirements across Canada, Edmonton, Montreal. To request a quote, for WordPress web design, or custom website design,

Write to us at: hello@rollouttechnologies.ca

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FAQs on Web Design and Development

Each website is different in terms of content, complexity, and deliverance. Hence, we cannot generalize the time frame for designing each website. However, it takes roughly 7-10 weeks on average to complete the website from start to finish. We ensure to put in our best efforts to meet the deadline mentioned by the client.

The cost to design a website depends on the customization, complexity, and time taken to complete the website. Since every website has its own unique needs, we cannot provide you a thorough answer/estimate. Our designing team will collect a lot of information regarding the website and will assess the needs and provide you with the most accurate estimate.

A website is more than just graphics and content. A well-designed website can help you form a good impression on your target audience and turn them into potential clients. So, if you want to hit industry benchmarks, it’s time to consider designing a new website to make it an asset for your business.

Yes. Rollout Technology provides complete support even after completion. Our team will be there to provide entire support in case any problems arise or if you need any enhancements. 

The entire website, along with the content and graphical representation belongs to the client. We will handover the ownership of the website on completion of the project.