Web Design Vs. Web Development – Is there a difference between the two?

Creating a personalized online experience is no mean feat. It requires skills, knowledge, and experience to create a web product that meets the user’s requirements. A web design company provides the services of web designing and web development to different businesses. In today’s online world, web design and web development are the most often discussed terms. But both terms are used interchangeably. That is not the case, as there is a difference between the two terms.

Let’s discuss web design and how it differs from web development. So let’s dive into detail into this topic and know their roles and how they help your business to create an online presence and enable your business to reach out to its target audience.

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Simple Steps to the Web Design Process

The web design and web development process lay down the foundation for the identity of the web product. A good design process involves several steps. Today, several tools and ready-to-use templates are available that help users know the design process of a web design team. But it is noteworthy that professional designers and front-end developers adopt a strategy that defines a successful website development process. They follow it diligently to achieve the best results. The process and its application differentiate a reliable web design company from amateurs. A professional team includes

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