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Security Camera Installation Service

We architect and offer a complete security camera and related product installation to satisfy all your surveillance need.

Installation of professional security cameras and surveillance cameras is on the rise. Security camera installation not only guards against crime and illegal activities but also helps businesses run smoothly by enhancing employee productivity and establishing remote accessibility.

A professional security camera installation service can make the installation hassle-free and quick. A professional security camera installation firm:

  • Starts with a critical assessment of security needs at your premises. Experienced technicians examine and suggest the best places to position the cameras to cover maximum range with utmost clarity. 
  • Installs as per your convenience. The installation process is streamlined and less time-consuming.
  • Provides the best technical support related to equipment functioning and troubleshooting.
  • Trains your staff on using the security system most simply and efficiently. 
  • Has the desired skills and licenses that ensure seamless installations.

Our security camera installation service promises unmatched quality and safety. Our best security camera installation process is meticulous and simple yet robust. Our professionally qualified/certified technicians and professional security camera installation experts endeavor to save your time and efforts while ensuring that your premises stay clutter-free.

Our security camera installation process

Assessment of premises:

The foremost step in our security camera installation process is to perform a critical assessment of the site that needs to be secured. The recce is carried out by subject matter experts who come with years of experience in securing multiple premises at multiple locations, using a variety of surveillance cameras, professional security cameras, home security cameras, and wireless outdoor security cameras. Each client’s requirements and site to be secured are unique in their way. Our experts come with good experience and a keen eye for locating the vital and blind spots in a location. They find out camera positions that ensure the widest and detailed coverage of the premises. The objective is to leave no place out of the vision of the camera.

Recommendation on equipment:

Once our security camera installation team has completed the site assessment and spotted the aptest places to position the cameras, the next step is to select the right kind of equipment. The market is full of a raging variety of surveillance and security cameras. The market offers the choice between analog and IP cameras, wired and non-wired cameras, DVRs or NVRs, and more. Our team of experts can help you make the wise choice for professional security cameras. Next, we help with choosing the optimum storage space, buying the wires and cables, and selecting the designs. Our experts are well versed with the latest professional security cameras technology trends in the market. With a clear objective of ensuring total protection and premises improvement, our security camera installation experts suggest the clients with the most suitable and useful equipment in terms of quality and quantity. They will neither leave a blind spot nor will they mount a single extra camera that later may not yield any benefit. Our team helps with the most optimum choices.

Installation and Testing

The most crucial part of the whole process is to mount the cameras at the desired spots and bring them to function. Our security camera installation experts come with sound knowledge and experience to position the cameras, network the wires and cables, install the recorders, and set up the entire security system. While the process may sound tedious, our experts execute it with much finesse and in a trouble-free manner. Any installation glitch can cause the whole system to fail leading to a loss of money, time, and effort. Our staff is trained to complete the installation process without leaving any scope of injuries and accidents. This step in the process guarantees holistic security for your premises.

User training

After the security camera installation is completed, we train the user or the owner of the property to use the system effectively and efficiently. Post security camera installation the users must operate the system smoothly without any confusion or difficulty. Our team of experts offers hands-on training to the operator to ensure that she/he can manage the security system like a professional. With this, the operator can deal with the day-to-day functioning of the system without any help from experts.

Post-installation services and support

Post completing the security camera installation and providing training to the operators, we do take a backseat but we never leave you alone. We offer great maintenance and service after security camera installation is completed. In case of any malfunction of the equipment or you need new service or upgrade the existing one we are just a call away from you. Our team reaches out to you whenever there is a technical update required to be installed so that your security system continues to function accurately. We provide the first three months of service post the installation free of cost and we also work on weekends and after-hours without any extra charge.

Professional security cameras

The need for security at both home and office is uniquely distinguished. The apparatus we use depends on the objective, which could vary significantly.
Most homes install cameras for the security of life and to guard property against thefts and criminal activities. On the other hand, you need security surveillance in your office for avoiding incidences of vandalism, illegal access to no-entry zones/sections, employee thefts, break-ins or burglary, sexual harassment, and employee absence during work hours.

The security needs for a home are rather simple and more fundamental. A home security camera installation system may not be as technically advanced as the one needed by a business unit. Security needs of businesses are exclusive to the nature of work being done at the premises. Each business unit may need a specially designed surveillance system. While the home security cameras can be basic or slightly better, the ones used for a commercial property ought to comprise of high visual quality, advanced technical features, and configuration, and ample storage space.

Home security cameras

Home security cameras can be used for keeping surveillance on the entry and exit doors or to keep a check on kids, old parents, pets, and domestic help at the time when homeowners are physically away. Home security cameras placed outside the house can deter thieves or criminals from breaking-in. Home security cameras with a basic recording facility and storage space are sufficient.

Office security cameras

While the business needs are different. Safety is one prime purpose but fostering work ethics and improving work efficiency can also be an additional objective that a business owner wants to fulfill through surveillance. Several businesses are bound by law or statutory compliances to install an efficient security camera system with exclusive recording and sufficient storage space. Security cameras can be a useful assistant to the security personnel at the office. They can use these cameras to expand their vision and surveillance over the entire property from one single location.

The security camera recordings can be used for several more purposes at both offices and homes. They can be effective evidence of a crime or any untoward incidence. They can be used for either filing a lawsuit or fighting a false lawsuit. Considering the larger benefits of security camera installation at your property, the investment that goes into this is rather insignificant.

Why Us?

We believe in building lasting relationships with all our clients. Our clients’ belief in us takes us far ahead in our journey to provide outstanding service and quality. Most of our existing clients recommend us to their friends, relatives, colleagues, and business partners. This has boosted our confidence in ourselves and intensified our mission to expand our service to more and more users in the city and foraying into the global market. We take a deep breath of relief every time we complete the installation of a security camera fleet at any premises as we know now that our client is safe and secured.
Security Camera Installation is our forte. With successful security camera installations at St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Leduc, Fort Saskatchewan, and Spruce Grove, we have most of Edmonton covered.

When it comes to choosing an excellent and reliable Security Camera Installation service we are the vendor of choice. So, what makes us the most preferred one?


If you are on the lookout for a single partner to join hands with for all your security camera installation needs, then we are the name to trust. We offer complete solutions around security cameras. We can source out the best deals and packages for you including procurement of cameras, installation, technical support, and post-installation service, with no extra commission charges.

Impressive Installation Capacity

We have the greatest in-built installation capacity. We have an expert for everything around security camera installation. We can take up multiple projects together and complete each one of them on or before time. With this, we save our clients’ time and money.

Professionally certified

Our WCB certification and our licenses set us apart from the competition. Our specialized security camera installation services are duly recognized and appreciated by the clients who believe that security camera installation must be done at the hands of an expert only.

Team of skilled professionals

Our security camera installation team is highly competent and experienced in ensuring the absolute security of your residence or business premises. All our experts come with vast experience and sound technical knowledge to ensure the quality of service.

Simple Installation process

We offer guidance on the usage and selection of the best security cameras that suit your specific requirement the best. We can help you in procuring and positioning the cameras at your property. We ensure that the cameras’ surveillance is evenly spread across the entire property without leaving a blind spot. We can help you with the easiest installation without causing any inconvenience to you. We provide the best technical support.

Best post-installation services

We provide free service for three months post the security camera installation process is complete. We are always ready to assist you whenever there is a requirement. We work on weekends and after hours and we do not charge anything extra for this.

We offer the most cutting-edge security camera installation solutions for residences and businesses. We understand the nuances of commercially available systems and leverage them to offer best-in-class security camera installation solutions.

FAQs on Security Camera Installation Service

The cost mainly depends on the system used and the environment where it needs to be installed. Rollout Technologies offers a variety of packages for camera installation. You may contact our team to know more about the products offered and get a detailed quote.

Yes. Our systems enable the video feeds to be recorded and stored in their database. You can view them live as well as recorded feeds anytime. 

You can even view the feeds remotely on your smartphones, laptops, or other smart devices.

You will need a basic broadband network. You may use a router (wired) broadband connection or WiFi (wireless) enable network. You would need a cable network for NVR and a DSL network for DVRs. Our team shall discuss the various options with you after a detailed discussion about your requirements.

Typically, an outdoor camera can be used for indoor viewing. However, much depends on the brand of the cameras installed. It is recommended to install indoor cameras for indoor purposes as they are more discreet and need better surveillance.

Rollout Technologies takes its security installation service very seriously. All our security systems use encrypted protocols to ensure your data remains secure.