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We offer Mobile App Development to match your custom business requirement.

Mobile app development services translate your idea into a full-fledged working ecosystem (The App!). App development services help businesses reach out to their customers in a more personalized and efficient way. As a professional mobile app development services firm, we help build software, systems and processes to make, and run your app for user delight. 

Do you know?

On average an adult smartphone user shall spend about 4 hours per day using mobile internet, and 88% of that time will be spent in mobile apps, rather than a browser.


Why is mobile app development important?

Digitization has transformed the whole world drastically in the last few years. The journey of digitization keeping users at the centre have been truly evolving and unabated. The number of smartphone users worldwide today surpasses three billion and is forecast to further grow by several hundred million in the next few years. We can call this the era of smartphones and smarter technology. Smart device help the users stay connected, informed, educated, and entertained. The latest study on the number of mobile app downloads worldwide from 2016 to 2019 has revealed that consumers downloaded 204 billion mobile apps to their connected devices, up from 140.7 billion app downloads in 2016.

Mobile app development makes for the newest way to explore a whole new world of products, services, news, opinions, games, and much more at a touch of a finger. Mobile apps can help in reaching out to a large customer base quickly and conveniently.

Whether you want to sell a product, render a service, provide a solution or just create awareness, doing this through a mobile app makes your job a lot easier. Through a mobile app, you can not only gain access to existing and new customers but also ensure that you are creating a unique and innovative user-experience for each one of them.

The trend has led several business houses to engage mobile app development company and build the latest technology-based apps. During the app development process, the experts invest their time to develop a digital interface that ensures accessibility, flexibility, and safety for both the service provider and the customer.

Our robust mobile app development process:

Our best-in-class mobile app development services are designed to meet specific needs of our customers, while keeping in mind the industry best practices. Our process of mobile app development and dealing with the clients is simple, smart and swift. Our mobile app development team moves its way through all the stages of design, development and launch to produce a mobile app that the end-user conveniently reckons with.

We clearly understand the key motto of our clients – enhance customer experience, foster loyalty and increase revenue. We are endeavored to seamlessly integrate our competence with the client expectations at every stage of mobile app development process. Our mobile app development team constantly strive to set workable timelines, sustainable budgets and adaptable road-maps. Our mobile app development teams take support from the client and set up milestones to be achieved during the entire process. The mobile app development team then keeps a track of the phase by phase development to ensure that these milestones are met without any delay or miss.
Mobile App Development Process

Taking a client brief:

Knowing what the client wants from the mobile app: Our mobile app development teams comprise experienced researchers, who dig deep into the idea of the client and understand key motivations for the end-user. A clear and comprehensive discussion on the initial thoughts of the client paves way for our team to adapt to the idea of mobile app development and develop a more personalized approach. The team connects with the client and brainstorm on how the idea can be translated into a real-time engaging mobile app.


Our mobile app development team comprises of specialists bringing together vast experience from diverse industries and sound knowledge of the current trends and market demands.

Once our team is well versed with the client-brief, we pen down the thoughts in a more organized way by deep diving into industry for which we want to develop Mobile App. We keep in mind a few factors such as the ultimate goal of developing the mobile app, the target customers set and the clients’ aspirations, before a blueprint is sketched out

Planning and Building a Wireframe

Taking reference from the blueprint, our technical team and analysts along with the developers and designers create a prototype that reveals the flow and logic of the mobile app. This basically is like giving a face to the mobile app. This not only gives a fair idea of the look and feel, engagement and adaptiveness of the mobile app, but also covers all edge case scenarios that may take place with consumer throughout the Mobile App journey.

Designing and Developing

Designing the mobile app:

A visually appealing deign can a go a long way in enhancing the levels of user engagement and stickiness. Our design enthusiasts work diligently to create a mobile app that appears to be attractive, engaging and pleasing to the eyes. They take a quick check on the basic demography of the users and come up with a design, color scheme and graphic presentation that instantly grab the attention of the users.

Developing the mobile app:

Here comes the role of our expert developers and engineers. Our team of technical professionals and engineers incorporate the latest and most sought-after features and technologies to power your mobile app. We offer full-fledged iOS, Android and back-end development services. We have a solution to each of our client’s requirement.

Testing and bug tracking:

At this stage our team makes the dry-runs to test the efficacy of the mobile app. The mobile app is tested for its effective implementation, easy navigation, responsiveness and user-friendliness. It is also tested to check on the technical faults and bugs which are rectified till the end.


Once the mobile app is tested and is made bug-free, it is made ready for a pre-launch to a selective group of target users. This stage helps our analytical team to receive real-time feedback and compare the results with the ultimate goals.


Mobile App Deployment:

This is the most crucial stage in the process when the mobile app is launched for the users. Our app development team stays on its toes to ensure that a smooth deployment is executed. We select and manage the platform at which the mobile app development is likely to achieve more success.


We know that the job is not done by just completing the mobile app development process. It is imperative that the mobile app is reached-out to the desired customers also. Our team of marketing experts extends all support to make your app visible and popular in the app store. With this we ensure that your mobile app development resonates with the right set of customers.

Post Launch Support:

Our mobile app development team constantly monitors the mobile app post its launch. They gather feedback and share it with you on regular intervals. Our app development team also look into the post launch technical issues or bugs and make all efforts to correct those in the minimum time possible.

Our take on Mobile App development

Mobile app development is our forte. We have been building innovative, unique and engaging mobile apps since 2012. The potential a mobile app holds in promoting a business is unlimited. Our mobile app development team endeavors to offer a gamut of services that explores the entire 360 degree framework of app development.

Our Mobile app development approach towards building your desired app is highly motivated, dynamic and goal-oriented. We strongly believe in the success of your idea and guide all our efforts in the direction of realizing your business objectives. Our Mobile app development team hand hold you in simplifying the complexities involved in adopting mobile apps, your preferred tool for business promotion and customer engagement.

Mobile app development tech stack

Native App Development

Our mobile app development team of native app developers is the most sought after as they deliver results par excellence. Our mobile app development team is well versed in using the present-day features and software that enable the native apps to perform flawlessly on the iOS and Android platforms.

Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-platform Apps or Hybrid Apps have become many client’s favorite today because of their trait of develop once and deploy many times. Cross-platform app yields a single codebase for Android and iOS both which brings down the development and maintenance cost of your app. This sounds very pocket-friendly, right? Contact us now for inquiries!

iOS Native Development

iOS App Development

We have on board a team of the finest iOS developers who specialize in developing iOS apps for Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. These iOS native apps are powered by the latest features offered by every new iOS release which makes your app faster, secure and efficient. We offer iOS app development in Swift and Objective C.

Android Native Development

Android App Development

Android has become one of the most commonly used technology platforms for smartphone users. Our android development team comprises some of the best developers of android apps. These apps are aptly designed to provide technological ease and accessibility to the users of multiple Android devices. We offer Native Android App development in Kotlin and Java both

Flutter App Development

Flutter App Development

When it comes to Cross-Platform App development, Flutter is one of the very versatile platform to develop your app. Using Flutter you can not only deploy Android and iOS apps but you can also develop desktop and web app as well.

React Native App Development

React Native from Facebook is a very well-known Cross-Platform App development framework. We have a very experienced team of developers to develop your React Native app.

Why Us?

What makes our mobile app development company the best service providers in the mobile app development space:

Our mobile app development teams cater to great ideas and endeavor to turn them into a greater reality! Our clients approach us when they know what they wish to create a stellar app and want to explore the best possible way to design, develop and launch it in the market.

Our mobile app development teams have a vast experience across different industries and we are even more inquisitive to discover new ones. Our knowledge and ability to learn more and deliver better makes us the most preferred brand in the world of mobile app development.

Our mobile app development company drives our operations from Edmonton and Montreal in Canada and conveniently caters to clients located globally.
You need any assistance in anything or everything related to mobile app development, simply let us know. We will be happy to help!

Our professional mobile app development service adds value to your ambition of reaching out to your customers and enhancing their user experience through your App!

What makes us the much sought after mobile app development company?

  • A seasoned team of subject matter experts
  • Market intelligence based on thorough research of current trends and demands
  • Experience and knowledge from catering to diverse industries
  • Proficiency in using the newest features and consistent learning and adoption of upgraded technology
  • A skilled approach towards project implementation
  • On-time execution and delivery of project
  • Management of project cost within the budget peripheries;
  • Support and management throughout the complete stages of the development process
  • Assurance pertaining to the security of data and knowledge while sharing and publication on digital platforms;
  • Maintenance and support to ensure error-less functioning for the app
  • Insight based selection of platform for the launch of the mobile app

Our Pricing

Honest, Transparent Pricing plans:

‘Your wish is our command’ – speaking digitally!
We will literally code your wish into an app that will make you famous without digging a hole in your pocket.

We offer custom pricing to fit all budgets. We offer custom quote based on your speacific requirements, like, project scope, objective of your app and desired platforms, deadlines and more.

You can be rest assured as we have the most competitive pricing plans for each of your requirement. We value your trust in our services and we promise to surpass your expectations while delivering the results when it comes to mobile app development.

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Or call us at: +1(438)225-6507

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FAQs on Mobile App Development

Mobile app development has been our strength. Rollout Technology has been successfully delivering innovative and interactive apps since 2019, actively working alongside clients and developmental teams solving complex problems to achieve the business objectives.

Android and iOS, both platforms are growing at a significant rate. Rollout excels at providing Native app development as well as Hybrid app development on iOS and Android platforms. Our developmental framework flawlessly supports both platforms, providing technical ease and accessibility.

The cost for developing each mobile app depends on the complexity and the client preferences. Other contributing factors are the type of platform used, the graphics, etc. Once we know the clients’ requirements, an estimated cost of the project will be communicated to you.

Yes. The source code/ copyrights for the project shall be assigned to the client. The client will have absolute ownership of all the mobile app development done at Rollout.

Before the start of the project, an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) is signed between the client and Rollout technology that clearly mentions that the app development shall have the client’s absolute ownership. Rollout ensures and employs complete security precautions to keep your data secured and private.

Rollout Technology provides full support even after the completion of the app development process. Our team will assist you in case of any modifications needed after the app goes live. However, the range of services offered to the client shall be mentioned in the contract.