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Microsoft Cloud Services

Taking your business to cloud is easier than ever. We can help you to upgrade your IT infrastructure to the Microsoft cloud platform.

Businesses today are faced with massive management, protection, and storage issues while handling huge volumes of data and information daily. Cloud infrastructure platforms are designed to offer plenty of benefits to your business if you are seeking operational efficiency, scalability, and innovation as key objectives.
Imposed dependency on physical IT infrastructure, escalating set-up and maintenance costs, downtimes, and other technical issues have become things of the past as businesses adopt cloud migration as their preferred choice for data management and integration.

At Rollout Technologies, we are committed to offering a comprehensive range of Microsoft Azure services to help you achieve your business goals swiftly and with ease. We help in consolidating your IT infrastructure, securing data and information, improving communication and collaboration within teams, achieving flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime using the internet, and enhancing overall productivity.

We offer custom solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Our Microsoft cloud services

Cloud Transformation

Transforming your business with the cloud is an important step in your journey to growth and success. When you choose to revolutionize your ways of working with the cloud, you gain a significant edge over the competition. Using cloud promises you robust security, improved scalability, cost optimization, and IT infrastructure systemization and efficiency. With this cloud transformation, you can enjoy the freedom to work anytime from anywhere, be assured of the highest uptime and data security. You will never have to worry about the loss of data to thefts, downtime, or infra break-downs. The transformation has the potential to lead you to set up business goals and devise relevant strategies to achieve those. You can shift your focus on other more vital processes instead of worrying about the maintenance of hardware machines, server rooms, and other physical IT infra components. As part of our Microsoft cloud services, we can offer you expert guidance to undertake this massive shifting and deployment of data to the cloud and make the process uncomplicated and efficient.

One Drive Backup

We can help you easily store your data on OneDrive and create a robust and secure backup for the relevant files and folders. This allows you to create copies of your files and folders on a cloud storage space and make them available to your different team members across multiple locations who can work, share, create and do a lot more with the help of OneDrive. In case of loss of hardware or theft, this data can be easily retrieved and downloaded. As part of our Microsoft cloud services, we support you in implementing the advantages offered by OneDrive for business. 

Office 365 Migration

Office 365 is the most widely used software suite today. This offers a complete range of tools for executing several business functions successfully and effortlessly. Office 365 helps you create documents, co-author files, exchange email communication, make complex computations and balance books, chat and video-conference with team members, and much more. Migration to office 365 is not only relevant but also has become imperative to steer ahead in the highly competitive market. As part of our Microsoft cloud services, we help you in the smoothest migration to this exceptionally beneficial platform which upgrades your IT function to a much more efficient one.

Desktop and Server Virtualization

Converting your desktops and server to virtual machinery helps you reap several benefits. This helps you save your costs, build a safe and secured infrastructure, simplifies use and access, and enhances the chances of data recovery in case of disasters. Several businesses are opting for Desktop and Server Virtualization as they see the real value of investing in the virtual infrastructure as opposed to bearing the maintenance and set up cost of physical infrastructure. Virtualization simplifies all functions and allows the users to enhance their productivity and save valuable time. As part of Microsoft cloud services, we can assist you in the Desktop and Server Virtualization process and conveniently move your applications and server to Microsoft azure.

Hybrid Cloud and Cloud Migration

Migrating your data and all computing to the cloud is definitely a good idea but is also a very complex process, that necessitates professional assistance. Our team is well-versed with the methodologies and techniques involved in this migration process to make it smoother and faster. The result that you eventually achieve after migration to azure or by adopting the hybrid option is worth the effort. Hybrid cloud offers more flexibility and cost optimization as it allows you to use your on-premises infrastructure along with private cloud and public cloud space essentially beneficial to control fluctuations in business demand versus the costs involved. As part of our Microsoft cloud services, we support you with every stage of migration to cloud or Hybrid platforms.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the perfect tool to improve collaboration and communication within the teams. This allows your teams to share, create and co-create, interact and manage data, content, and projects with utmost ease and simplicity. Teams offers you everything that you require to effectively engage with other team members at any time and from anywhere. It helps in increasing work productivity, fosters teamwork and partnership, enhances control and governance, and provides the ability to customize its use to suit the exclusive needs of a project or a team. As part of our Microsoft cloud services, we help you adopt this tool as part of your work culture and redefine the way your teams associate and communicate with each other.


Communication is the key to the smooth functioning of any business. Microsoft Exchange enables you to build a robust yet personalized and flexible messaging system. Exchange of business emails, scheduling activities and appointments, synchronizing and using contacts is an integral part of the process. Microsoft Exchange lets you customize all this according to your preferences and needs. It empowers you to function from any device at any time thus increasing your access and response to important messages. It helps you in strengthening your communication system more reliably and securely. As part of our Microsoft Exchange service, we assist you with a successful implementation of the tool allowing you to leverage the exclusive features this has to offer.


SharePoint is another vital tool that helps you in consolidating and sharing all data from a centralized source. It enables your employees to access documents, files, and much more from a single point and work on it together from multiple locations or devices, perfect to augment partnership and collaboration. The tool makes it easy to operate and execute important projects that require different teams to work together. Using this tool you can work in a more secure and controlled environment allowing each member to contribute positively. As part of our Microsoft cloud services, we can help you in establishing this tool as an integral part of your working platform, with which you can customize its use as per your specific requirements.

Why choose us for your cloud transformation?

We are one of the renowned brands offering Microsoft cloud services in Canada since 2019 with 7+ years of industry experience. Our clients prefer us as their IT partner for our professional approach, sustainable results, and technical knowledge. We offer our clients the best solutions, at competitive prices promptly. We offer exclusively customized service options to enable our clients to adopt modern IT practices conveniently.

We offer a comprehensive range of Microsoft Cloud Services that will help you develop a more progressive and aspiring approach towards achieving business goals.

Here is what makes us unique:

  1. We have the most well-informed, experienced, and technically sound IT experts onboard who handhold you at every step of your cloud journey.
  2. We guide you on the most secured and reliable approaches to optimize your IT infrastructure and improve scalability through innovative solutions.
  3. We adopt best practices in the industry and therefore deliver dependable solutions to all your cloud transformation needs.
  4. We offer the most competitive price packages to all our clients by customizing them according to their business needs and demands.
  5. Our business approach is highly client-friendly and we seamlessly integrate our objectives with those of the clients to foster strengthened relationships and deliver mutually favorable business results.

Are you thinking of taking the big step? Reach us to know how we can make the cloud transformation journey easy and fruitful for you.

Cloud Services Frequently Asked Questions

Data migration to the cloud is a critical process that requires expert intervention. The process is time-consuming and needs to be dealt with carefully. Our experts ensure 100 percent protection of data during the migration process. Your data will be safely migrated to a cloud platform and will be available for use more easily and conveniently. Our experts loop you in at every step of the process so that you can be assured of the protection of your biggest asset data.

We need to critically assess the needs of your business to suggest which Microsoft services will help you optimize your operations and improve efficiency. There is no one-fit-for-all approach. We can customize as per your requirement and recommend the best solutions for your business.

Upgrading your IT infrastructure to a more robust and modern one is never expensive because the returns you get from this are invaluable. Our services are priced reasonably and we can offer customized payment options for our clients.