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We establish and maintain your IT infrastructure and server so you can focus on increasing your company’s competitiveness and productivity.

Information Technology (IT) has made the world a smaller, more connected place. The advent of technology has revolutionized the functioning of different industries. All companies around the world, big or small, are now dependent on IT to function seamlessly. Heaps of digital data are created, transferred, and stored by these companies on an everyday basis. IT departments have become the most indispensable component of any system.

IT systems are not only important but also vulnerable. A serious threat of hackers, software or hardware failures, downtime, and similar issues continues to bother business leaders across the globe. A minute wasted in dealing with such issues could lead to huge losses of revenues and reputation. Your internal IT teams may find it challenging to provide round-the-clock support when there is already a lot on their plate. We are here to back you up in such a scenario.

We are amongst the most trusted Managed IT services brands in Edmonton offering a comprehensive range of services. We are your perfect Managed IT services support system that is available every minute of every day of the year. We are on our toes 24/7, ready to provide you with everything that comes under the ambit of IT infrastructure and network support.

Why you should hire a Managed IT services firm?

Management many times faces several inhibitions when considering whether or not to hire a professional Managed IT services firm. Your IT team may be able to support you in your current day-to-day activities but will they be able to deal with more complexities if you plan to make expansions to your business?

IT is an important function of any business. You need to strengthen your IT competence regularly to grow and flourish. Businesses with mismanaged IT services have been seen losing their space to the outgrowing competition. Your IT team needs to focus on several other vital issues rather than being stuck with the daily niggling matters.

A professional Managed IT services provider brings along the much-needed attention and focus on critical IT matters. A seasoned Managed IT services firm can offer specialized solutions to solve such regularly occurring issues and develop processes that will reduce the recurrence over a period of time.

Here are few of the many advantages that professional Managed IT services providers bring along:

What are the benefits of managed IT services?

  • Streamlined and time-tested approach towards dealing with common IT issues.
  • Unmatched security of  information, data, and network
  • Improved efficiency with lower downtime.
  • Reduced risk of system failure and hacker attacks, that otherwise pose a serious threat to business reputation and profits.
  • Automation of day to day activities saving a lot of operational time
  • Enhanced software and hardware support in a cost-effective way

Overview of our Managed IT Services solutions:

We started our journey in 2019, we have come a long way in establishing ourselves as a renowned IT Managed services provider in Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Leduc, Fort Saskatchewan, and Spruce Grove.

Our clients believe in our competence to offer best-in-class managed IT services. We strive hard to understand their operations, strengths, and weaknesses comprising their unique needs and provide them with the most suitable managed IT services solutions. When you choose to work with us for your managed IT services needs, you can be assured of:

A strategic approach to your managed IT services:

Each business is unique and so are its managed IT services needs. The managed IT services required by any business are largely defined by its underlying operations. We dive deep into your systems and functions to understand the nuances involved, risk areas, existing IT strength, and the potential threats. We make a critical assessment of what all is required to make your operations risk-free at minimal cost and involvement. Based on this assessment we draft a unique managed IT services strategy to suit your exact needs. This strategy once approved by you becomes our IT mission for your company. We follow this strategy throughout to provide unabated IT support and backup to keep you stress-free and allow you to focus on expanding your business.

Continuous Monitoring and Issue Management Support:

A little failure in the software or hardware can result in loss of work for several hours or a hacker attack can compromise the functioning for several days. Therefore, it is necessary to take all preventive measures to ensure the system works smoothly and efficiently. Our Managed IT support team is trained to monitor your operations and work continuously to identify any malfunction, system failure, or hacker attack. This enhances the chances that the problem is tackled even before it occurs. A constant tracking enables our managed IT support team to make suggestive measures that may help you improve your business efficiency.

Sufficient backup creation and safe storage:

Data is the biggest asset for any company and therefore the data must be protected by all means. We ensure that your data is stored safely and properly. Our Managed IT services team analyses and creates ample storage for your data and stores it in an encrypted form on a safe platform. The data recovery is not only made possible but the recovery rate is undeniably faster. We understand the loss of data can bring critical repercussions for your business and therefore you can rely on us for the safety of all your information and data.

A full gamut of managed IT services offered:

We have the expertise to deal with every issue related to managed IT services. From laying down the entire setup to procurement and installation of software and hardware necessary for your business, from network cabling to providing wi-fi services, from POS system configuration to troubleshooting support and maintenance, we are well-equipped for rendering complete support to your business needs.

Dedicated helpdesk assistance:

IT issues can surface any time of the day or night. Our team is available at all given points of time to offer the required assistance. We dedicate a help desk support system to your business that will take care of all your queries and provide you with all possible solutions in the minimum possible time. Our turnaround time is quick and our helpdesk assistance is reliable. You can rest assured that the best team of professionals is looking after your IT needs.

Design to meet your budget:

Our Managed IT services are highly reliable and extremely cost-effective. We charge hourly rates for our Managed IT support services that help you to get the best solutions within your budget. You can choose your service, quality and decide on the time for which you require our professional assistance.

What we can do for you, as part of our Managed IT services’ offerings:

Our Managed IT Services

IT user support

IT user support

We provide end-to-end IT user support. Our experts ensure that your IT systems are running smoothly without interrupting the services and reducing the risk of downtime.

Server Management

server management

We understand that a server is the backbone of any IT system. We provide expert services to keep your server secured and configured accurately. Downtime in the server can cost huge and therefore needs extra attention for maintenance. 

Network Management

network management

Efficient network management is the key to optimize your solutions. We provide a complete range of network management services including maintenance, monitoring, and review of the networking and devices attached to it.

Backup Solution on NAS

backup solution on NAS

For clients looking for backup solutions on NAS (Network Attached Storage), we extend complete support in setting up the network. Our team of experts ensures that the files, folders, and other important data are efficiently stored in the local drive and are easily made accessible to the users. We look into the maintenance of NAS regularly. 

Desktop Support

desktop support

Our team of experts provides complete support for software and hardware installation as part of the desktop support services. We also look into troubleshooting networking and connection problems.

Conference call solution for office (Zoom and Microsoft Teams)

conference call solution for office

We effectively manage smooth and trouble-free conference calls for your teams in the office to connect through the latest communication platforms. Our team of experts sets-up the entire system and manages the calls throughout ensuring high productivity and result achievement.

Cloud Services and Management

cloud services and management

We provide efficient data storage and safety solutions to your business. Our cloud services are secured, reasonably priced, and sufficiently scalable to accommodate all your data and much more.

Office 365 Exchange

office 365 exchange

Our efficient task force is well trained in executing the most convenient Office 365 migration. We make all endeavors to ensure that the downtime during the exchange is minimal so that productivity is not at all compromised.

Cloud Backup Solution

cloud backup solution

Data is the biggest asset for any organization. We provide the most customized, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for cloud backup to ensure that your data is safe and efficiently managed.

VOIP Phone set up

VOIP phone set-up

Our team assists in setting up a simple and professional VOIP phone set up to help your organization improve and expand its communication-related operations smoothly and cost-effectively.

Projector Installation

projector installation

Our expert engineers provide end-to-end projector installation service and maintenance in the quickest time and through the most effortless process.

IT Asset Management

IT asset management

Our team critically analyses your IT asset requirement based on the nature of your business. We assist in setting up your IT assets, managing them, and upgrading them regularly.

Software Inventory Management

software inventory management

We provide the latest and most useful solutions for managing your software inventory. We release you of the hassles of maintaining vendor records, warranty lists and upgrade status.

Installation of network cables

installation of network cables

Our experts are well versed with solutions to avoid technical glitches that usually occur while installing the network cables. Any faults in the installation process can cause the entire system to fail. 

Managed IT Service Process

We follow simple steps in reaching out to you with the most effective plans for managing your IT services.

Managed IT Services Process

Know about your company:

The foremost step in our process to make a strategy for managing your IT services is to know and understand your operations better. We discuss what you do, how you do, and what are the issues related to IT that you have to face regularly. This helps us to identify the pain areas and create a plan to address those efficiently.

Work on a plan:

Having identified the problem areas now our managed IT services team moves onto the analysis of the possible solutions. They brainstorm together and come up with multiple options that may prove effective in dealing with the issues at hand. Then they select the most optimal solution and craft an IT support plan which is unique to your business’s specific needs.

Share the plan and take approval: 

The IT support plan is then shared with you for your approval and feedback. With your feedback, we tweak the final approved strategy to incorporate your suggestions. 

Implement the plan:

Post your approval the plan is put into implementation. We swear by the plan and take the necessary steps in the direction of making Managed IT support more efficient, reliable, and secure for you.

Review and Report:

Once the tools are implemented our managed IT services team starts keeping a record of the overall IT functioning. The team apprises you of any updates related to issues or suggestions of improvements regularly. 

Our Managed IT services team:

We are a team of highly trained, ardent, and passionate professionals. We are dedicated to taking your IT services to the next level through a systematic approach towards finding new solutions to IT-related problems. We strive hard to think out-of-the-box and provide solutions that are unique and successful. Some of the value adds our managed IT services team brings to the table are:

  • Several years of experience and expertise in dealing with IT-related issues, across many different industries
  • Certified and qualified team with a professional approach towards problem-solving
  • Proficient in comprehending the clients’ needs accurately
  • Well-versed with latest and upcoming trends in the IT sector
  • Trained to provide uncompromised service round the clock.

FAQs on Managed IT Services

Any company with a minimum of 10 computers and a server can significantly benefit by using professionally managed IT services. The support from an IT managed service provider is available round the clock with expert solutions to all your IT-related issues reducing your dependency on a single in-house staff.

We endeavor to assess your IT needs before giving a quote. Our team will understand the nature of technology and IT issues that you may be facing. Based on it we recommend and develop an IT management strategy for each of our clients. Our pricing largely depends on this strategy and the services required by the client. Our pricing model is extremely competitive and will fit your budget.

We charge hourly for our services and this is beneficial to you as you do not have to pay for hours when no IT support is required.

We are successfully working for small and medium-sized offices, doctors’ clinics, retail stores, pharmacies, entertainment places, and more. We offer holistic solutions for all IT-related issues. You can check our work here

Timelines depend on the nature and scope of work to be done. We guarantee the quickest turnaround time. Our staff is well trained and ardent dealing with most of the technical issues and resolving them at the earliest.