Digital Signage

Our experienced team offers the best possible digital signage and indoor advertising solution for your business.

Digital signage is the most widely used new-age medium of communication today. With digital signage in place, you have the potential to reach out to your customers in the fastest way with the strongest message. Digital signage solutions are designed to seize the attention of your customer and stimulate their mind to follow the message exclusively. Digital signages use a perfect blend of visuals to deliver interactive messaging with the highest recall.

Some Digital signage statistics

Digital signage has an astounding recall rate of 83%, and this figure is almost double the information retention rate as compared to traditional advertising.


The global digital signage market size is anticipated to reach USD 38.23 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 7.5% from 2021 to 2028 owing to increasing demand from the end-use industries.


The numbers highlight the preferential shift of businesses today in choosing digital signage as the medium to inform, educate, entertain and reach out to the end-users. Digital signage has become a more efficient tool for communicating your message with customers precisely. Customers find digital signages striking and smart. The signages bring life to any place breaking the monotony of still infrastructure and therefore prove highly useful in grabbing a quick notice by the on-lookers.

Businesses have often praised digital signage solutions for playing an imperative role in bringing new customers, increasing repeat purchases, and persuading customers to make unplanned purchases by just looking at the eye-catching visuals.

Why is digital signage important?

  1. Deliver your message through compelling and visually appealing messages.
  2. Enable a faster reach and higher retention rate using technology.
  3. Save, spend a fraction as compared to printing physical copies of posters, notices, banners, and display cards.
  4. Freedom to manage single messaging at multiple locations remotely. Change your message content easily whenever required, with ease.
  5. Save time, money, and effort.
  6. Make a great impression, reflects on your business being technically sound and ahead of the competition.

Combined all these advantages help you achieve your business goals, fast, and with minimal effort.

What do you need for digital signage?

The Display Gear

The most important component of a digital signage solution is the displays. These are the digital screens that are available in different formats to suit the varying needs of businesses. LED/LCD screens, TV, digital menu boards, electronic signages, shelf screens, kiosks are few examples of the displays. Based on the nature of business, the objective of communication, and the place of positioning you must select the right one for you.

Digital Signage Hardware

To put your display screen up and running, ancillary hardware such as mounts, brackets, networking wires and cables and more, are also required. The perfect positioning of your digital display goes a long way in reaching out to your customers spontaneously and accurately. The right positioning lets your display draw out the crowd easily.

Digital Signage Content Management System (CMS)

The content management system is rather the most crucial part of the entire digital signage solution. The digital signage software helps you manage multiple messaging at multiple locations from one single source. A cloud-based CMS makes the task easier and cost-effective for you. With this internet-enabled technology, you can manage, update, and alter your content remotely in a matter of few seconds.

Media Player

This is another vital component that runs an efficient digital signage solution. It acts as the brain of the entire system connecting the displays and the CMS while transmitting the instructions for completing the task. The digital signage software program uses the media player to display the different types of content on the digital signages located at different locations.

Digital Content

The success of a digital signage solution largely depends on the effectiveness of the content it displays. The equipment has the power to grab the attention of the customer, but the message holds the power to influence the mindset of the customer. If the content is irrelevant, poorly designed, or ill-timed then you may not be able to realize your true value of investing in this medium of communication. Therefore content plays a critical role in ensuring that you can leverage this highly potent digital signage solution.

What we offer:

We offer CMS that is feature-rich, and easy to use. Our CMS is best suited to your business as it offers exclusive advantages that will make your task simpler and faster. We use cloud-based digital signage software that enables you to schedule and present content of your choice on any screen at any location from anywhere only by using the internet. The system is automated and therefore can show specialized content on specific screens at a given time within a single location.

We offer full deployment

Our team of experts assists you through a comprehensive installation process at the locations of your preference. We provide a cloud-based setup of digital signage solutions which can be managed from any location remotely. Our installation and go-live process is uncomplicated and time-saving.

We are your partner of choice

We are one of the renowned digital signage companies in Canada. Our clients choose us not only for our subject matter expertise and excellent service quality but also for how meticulously we can interpret their aspirations and translate them into the most useful digital signage solutions.

Our pricing model is competitive and honest

We offer an exclusive subscription-based model to enable our clients to manage their budgets effortlessly. However, recent years have shown the prices for digital solutions dropping at affordable rates. Our subscriptions help to distribute your marketing costs over a period giving you the flexibility to spend wisely on other vital heads. We do offer one-time payment options to clients who would like to invest in digital signage in one go. We bend forward and backward to cater to your specific budget requirements.

Our team has the best digital signage professionals

We have a team comprising of creative, technically sound, and experienced professionals. They are well informed on the latest digital signage solutions and also the hardware and solutions used for putting up an effective digital signage system. They keep a track of the newest market trends and innovative solutions to recommend the best package to each client based on their requirement.

We provide full support and training

Once your digital signage solution is made LIVE, we offer complete technical support on management. We deliver digital signage software training to your team so that they will be able to take it forward post-installation and deal with basic issues (if any) independently.

Our Process

simple, yet robust!

Taking a client brief

The foremost step in our process is to get to know what the client wants. We deep dive into understanding the specific requirement of the client, identify the communication objective, and critically assess what needs to be done to help them achieve the same.

Propose a solution

In the second step we reach out to the client with a prospective digital signage solution package. Post considering the vital factors of different digital signages such as existing market trends, the success rate in generating desired customer response, clients’ budget, and timelines. We prepare recommendations of the most useful solutions for the client.

Installation and Training

Once the client approves our recommendations we quickly get on with the deployment process. We assist the client in setting up the system, activating the digital signage software, and equipping the marketing team of the client with the technical know-how involved in operating the system.


The system is in place and now is the time to make it live. We do the necessary test runs across all the sites and screens and then handover the system operations to your team.

Post-Installation services & support

Lastly, we provide technical assistance to the client whenever the need arises. Our team is always available to solve the technical issue that the clients might face post-installation. We offer a subscription model to our clients and they can use our services uninterruptedly.

Key industries that we serve:

Restaurant Businesses

digital signage for restaurant

We have worked with several restaurants in setting up the digital menu boards in Canada. Digital signage solutions are used to display the newest additions in the food menu, combo offers, today’s specialties, images of luscious dishes that are sure to bring water in your mouth.

Health care

digital signage in hospital and clinic

Digital signage solutions are gaining popularity in the health care sector especially hospitals and doctors’ clinics. They display relevant information, wellness tips, and preventive measures for patients, show directions to the visitors, display queue status, giving information about the staff and doctors, showing patients’ success stories, generate emergency alerts and alarms, and more. We offer feature-rich digital solutions to keep your patients and other visitors duly informed, engaged, and entertained.

Cafes and Bars

digital signage for bars and cafe

We have worked with many different bars and cafes across Canada. Bars mostly use digital menu boards to display happy hours information, chef’s special preparation, the offer of the day, and much more. At cafes electronic signages and digital menu boards are used to liven up the cafes and display exotic images of special food items and coffee, add-ons, combo offers that are sure to tempt the customers to have a little extra.

Universities and Schools

digital signage for universities and schools

Digital signage solutions are widely being used in universities and schools worldwide and in Canada, for displaying vital information related to updates, events, academic announcements, and much more. This helps get the attention of the students quickly and easily. We work with universities and schools closely, offering befitting solutions.


digital signage for hotel

Digital signage solutions play a critical role in the hospitality sector. With these in place hotels, resorts, and other similar properties find it easy to attract and communicate with the guests. Signages today display beautiful pictures and play fascinating videos describing the exquisiteness of the property, giving out details about different services, sections, cuisines, events, and promotional offers. Digital signage solutions can be used to entertain guests and engage with them. You can use these to create awareness and display relevant tips and protocols for the wellness of the guests. Get in touch to know more about our digital solutions specifically designed to enhance the effectiveness of your property operations and delight your guests.


digital signage for corporate office

Effective communication solutions for the backbone of any working office. Employee engagement, events, meetings, conferences need a flow of communication to be effective. Receptions, cafeterias, meeting rooms, guest lounges, and similar areas are being widely used to put up digital signage solutions to display information about the company, employees, announcements, events, giving directions, and showing meeting room booking statuses. We offer cost-effective solutions that are tailored to meet specific office requirements.

Retail stores

digital signage for retail stores

Retail stores use electronic signage solutions to display special offers, money savers, discounts and packages, festive offers, and much more. We have worked extensively with retail stores of all sizes delivering impeccable solutions.

Gym and Fitness Center

digital signage for gym and fitness center

Gym and Fitness Center use digital signage solutions to display upcoming classes and events, health tips, news, your blog, members’ social media posts etc. We offer feature-rich digital solutions to keep your members and other visitors informed, educated, engaged, and entertained.

We work with a wide range of companies, deliver the optimum solution worldwide. Get in touch to know our offering for your specific industry, by emailing at or by simply clicking Contact Us button below.

FAQs for Digital Signage Solutions

Any business, big or small, can leverage the innumerable benefits this new-age media has to offer. Digital signage solutions are by far the most engaging and entertaining medium of communication with your target customers. You may use a very small set-up for connecting with your customers and see the results, before opting for a full-fledged solution. Investing your money in digital solutions is bound to reap fruitful returns.

Every business has unique requirements and we can customize the best solution according to these specific needs. We can assess your requirements and recommend you the best package at the lowest cost. Our subscription-based price model allows you to pay as per the use and is quite economical and beneficial. You can opt for this model and rest assured of great service ahead.